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A healthy lawn needs about an inch of water a week and itís best if it gets it all at once. Saturating your lawn drowns the roots ... watering shallow keeps your roots happy and your weeds gone forever.

Donít over fertilize. Rarely fertilize and both your turf and your topsoil will be be better off.  Chemicals on your lawn are not only unhealthy for your family but your lawn too. This so called 'lawn food' is nothing more than a candy diet for your lawn. Grass, like any other plant gets its true nourishment from the soil. Donít feed the plant but feed the soil through sound organic lawn care methods.

Healthy lawn care starts with healthy topsoil. Your lawn will thrive with four inches of healthy top soil but it will be at its best with six.  The problem is how do you get more top soil without ruining the turf you already have? Simply said, topsoil is the top four to ten inches of dirt under your turf except that this layer of earth should be nutrient rich and robust with organic matter and a few little critters (like earthworms). If you donít have good topsoil, you wonít be able to maintain good turf. You can start building good topsoil in the fall by mulching with good organic compost. About a third of an inch of fine compost on top of your grass will fall between the blades and soak into the earth over winter.

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