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Relax, and grant us the responsibility to install, manage and maintain your electrical needs. Our name says it all: John Doe Electrical, Inc. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction and service. We do not do plumbing, heating, air conditioning, carpentry or any other trade, for we are specialist in our 'specific' industry, and a specialist specializes, and our speciality is offering FIRST CLASS ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION & SERVICE, or better said, serving you professionally and proficiently, thus, WINNING AND KEEPING YOU AS A SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

A personal Thank You to all of our present customers, and an open invitation and warm welcome to any and all who would put their trust, care and comfort upon our back.  Our pledge to you is to stay ready, maintain and serve, using the highest and finest quality materials, parts and equipment this world has to offer.  I welcome you to visit our services webpage, and see for yourself our name brands and our highly qualified staff and personnel.

John Doe
President, John Doe Electrical, Inc.
Make this beauty your website.  We can have it perfected to your specifications as quickly as you can feed them to us.  Includes domain name and one year free hosting ... $299.00.